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Epos Custom Leather is the result of Huntress Custom Leather and Michael Dale Leather joining forces.   Epos Custom Leather specializes in archery gear, barstools, re-enactment and fantasy armor, personal items, gun leather, guitar straps, fan art and much more. The two artists combined their shops in 2015 to create Epos Custom Leather after Mike retired and moved to Greece.  Now, their collaborative efforts have taken each of them far beyond what they could accomplish on their own. Natalie began leatherwork spurred by her archery competitions, where she found she needed quality archery gear . Mike got his start making holsters. With over 20 years experience form his career as a police officer, Mike was disappointed by the quality of common “police” holsters, and soon found he had a market for customized gun leather. Natalie and Mike met via their common interest and soon found that they shared a love that was more than just leatherwork. Mike retired from the force in 2015 and moved to Greece, where they founded Epos Leather. Since then, they have each branched out and expanded their knowledge to a wide variety of leather items and skills. In their relatively short tenure, Natalie and Mike have become industry leaders in the leather community, each contributing regularly to leather publications, teaching on multiple continents and creating high quality, unique items for clients.


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