Bracers & arm guards

Looking for an arm guard?

As archers ourselves, we understand your needs better than anyone. We will use the right thickness leather and finely decorate it to match your style, for an arm guard that will stand the test of time.

If you are looking to protect your forearm from something other than a bow string, check out our custom made bracers!

Pegasus arm guard

This lined arm guard features an embossed carving of a winged horse and easy-fastening closures.



Sleeping Mystical Fox arm guard



”ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” , spartan themed bracer

This  spartan themed bracer was constructed taking into account our customer’s nerve damage in their forearm. The bracer was padded to ensure better protection and a more comfortable feel and then lined with veg tan leather.



Lanister lions bracers

Featuring a sigil of two golden lions, this rich red bracer is a perfect addition to your larp or cosplay outfit.



Viking, elf, and dragon scale bracers



Scythian stag arm guard

This arm guard features a carving of a scythian stag, originally made as a decorative piece of metalwork.



Scythian lions arm guard

Made for a Greek traditional archer, this arm guard features a carving of two lions, originally found as a piece of decorative metalwork.



Custom made arm guards

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