Historical Recreations

Our collaboration with Koryvantes allows us to recreate pieces of leather which have historical significance. While this can be challenging, we make each item as historically accurate as possible based on what knowledge is available.

The Association of Historical Studies “KORYVANTES is a Cultural Organisation , researching and applying experimentally the Military Heritage of the Greeks from the Bronze Age to the late Byzantium .“Koryvantes” has participated in Academic conferences of Experimental Archaeology (University of Warsaw 2011, Academy of Pultusk 2012, University of Belgrade 2012, Organization Exarc / Denmark 2013 ), while studies have been published in academic literature (British Archaeology Report Series) and Special International Journals (Ancient Warfare Magazine ) .They have also participated in major international TV Productions (History Channel, BBC2, BBC 4, ITV), on the thematic of the warfare and culture of ancient Greece.You can learn more about what they do by visiting their website.

Bellow you can view some of our projects.

Ancient Greek leather armor post thumbnail
Ancient Greek leather armor
Historical recreation
Linothorax (blue elements) post thumbnail
Linothorax (blue elements)
Historical recreation
Embroidered linothorax post thumbnail
Embroidered linothorax
Historical recreation
Diavlos flute case post thumbnail
Diavlos flute case
Kopis sword scabbard post thumbnail
Kopis sword scabbard
Historical recreation
Medusa mask post thumbnail
Medusa mask
Mycenaean Helmet post thumbnail
Mycenaean Helmet
Historical recreation
Scythian hat post thumbnail
Scythian hat
Historical recreation
Scythian quiver post thumbnail
Scythian quiver
Historical recreation