Welcome to Epos Leather

Welcome to Epos Custom Leather!  We love what we do, and it shows!

There are reasons that leather has been used in the manufacture of personal items for thousands of years.  Leather is still prominent in today’s society for these reasons.  From an ancient piece of battle armor to a modern pair of shoes, leather is versatile, durable and beautiful.

Michael and Natalie both found a passion for using leather as their medium of expression. In 2015, they decided to combine their years of experience to bring you Epos Custom Leather.

Influenced by old world customs, ancient civilizations and modern art sources, we combine time honored craftsmanship with modern techniques to bring you high quality, custom pieces of functional art.

Each item from Epos Custom Leather is made by hand. There are no mass produced items. The finest quality leather is cut by hand.  Each stitch is precisely placed.  Color and finish are applied with exacting detail in order to create a product that is as beautiful as it is durable.

We look forward to  helping you create the item of your dreams.

Thank you for looking,