Holsters & Mag pouches

Carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility. Mike at Epos Custom Leather has over 20 years of professional experience with carrying a gun, and he knows what works and what doesn’t. If you’re tired of cheap plastic holsters, or cheap leather rigs that just don’t stand the test of time, look no further. We build all of our holsters out of 9-10 oz leather or four layers of 6 ounce leather on lined models. These will last forever.

Want a customized holster? Matching gun belt or magazine pouches? Let us help you create the best holster you’ve ever owned.



Gorgon head holster

When you order a custom holster from Epos Leather, we work with you to make it just how you like it. This gorgon holster features embossed carving on the face and Linear B ancient runes. Combined with the gunburst fade, it makes a handsome piece.



Apollo, God of the sun holster

Custom made holster for Apollo Pistols, featuring the Greek God of the sun, that the company got its name from.



Honolulu Police & U.S. Coast Guard holsters

These holsters were made for two brothers who were high school boys when Mike met them. They each went into separate careers in military/law enforcement and it was an honor to make these for them.



Eagle over Crete island holster

Eagle holster for a customer in the island of Crete. Made with a matching gun belt and mag pouch.



Our hannya mask holster that won the 3rd place in the World Leather debut!



”Gunburst” fade holster with the Greek Othrodox’ church symbol

Trust God, but be prepared just in case! This symbol of the Orthodox Church was requested by the client. It is embossed, hand tooled and features the “gunburst” fade. It is lined for strength and protection of the pistol. Beauty and functionality combined.



Faded holster for a Springfield XDs

Who says plastic guns should have plastic holsters? This Springfield XDS holster features 15 degree forward cant, lined construction, molded retention, airbrush fade color scheme and minimal details on the surface for a clean, elegant look.



Fully stamped cowboy rig for a single action army pistol.



More of our custom made holsters.


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