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Project Type :- Historical recreation


This Mycenaean helmet was created using the picture of a Hittite fragment of a clay vessel from Bogazkoy dated around 1350 BC. In this image a warrior, who because of his general outfit has been interpreted by the scholars as one of the Ahhiyawa (Achaeans) warlord mentioned on several Hittite tablets, is equipped with an elaborate helmet probably made of interlaced leather strips, cheek and neck guards, one frontal horn, an upper tube with small crest in the lower area, and crest holder with long horse tail.
We recreated it using thick layers or leather over a leather support structure. No metal frame was used. The only metal parts used were copper rivets, in order to make it historically accurate. The front has a goat’s horn attached, and there is a ram’s horn on the top. Linen thread and copper wire was used to secure the hair of the horse’s tail on the back. The inside of the helmet has been lined with sheep’s skin (sheep’s fleece) and then a layer of felt.

We make each Mycenaean helmet to exacting standards based on ancient designs, so you have the highest quality reproduction available. Whether you are looking to use the item for Cosplay, historical recreation or for LARP games, our designs will stand up to scrutiny, punishment, or both depending upon your needs. Each helmet is meticulously hand made with the finest historically accurate materials available today. We work closely with the Greek historical association Koryvantes, following their recommendations on period specific design, construction and artistic interpretation. You won’t find a more beautifully made, authentic Greek armor set anywhere else.

At Epos Leather, we use only the finest materials and techniques to create our helmets. Each one is unique and fully customizable to ensure a perfect fit for the wearer. Cosmetically, each piece is designed using elements of artifacts located in historical dig sites, or found during archeological research here in Greece. These elements are interpreted and combined to create the beautiful and functional pieces you see here.

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