Care & Feeding

Giving your leather item proper care is crucial to its longevity.  Upon purchasing an item from us, we will also provide you with proper care and maintenance instructions. Each item is different depending on the type of leather used, the coloring and the sealing technique. While these instructions may be a little different for every item, we have listed some main guidelines that apply to all of them.

  • Do not let your item come in contact with solvents. Alcohol, acetone or other harsh chemicals may damage the leather or finish.
  • Oil based products will stain the leather. .
  • Do not saturate your item with water. If you accidentally soak your item, , let the leather dry completely without moving or bending it.  Its very likely it will survive if left to dry completely, but soaking is not recommended.  To clean the item, wipe it with a clean cloth, moisten gently if necessary.  Do not rub the leather excessively.
  • If stained, wipe immediately with a moist cloth. Contact Epos leather for guidelines on proper care of a stained item.
  • When storing your item, do not place it in direct sunlight as this will cause the leather to darken and colors to fade. Its ok to use your item outdoors.
  • Don’t store in high humidity areas due to the possibility of mold.
  • In the event that your item becomes damaged, stained or in need of repair, please contact us for a quote.