About us

Epos Custom Leather is the result of Huntress Custom Leather and Michael Dale Leather joining forces.  

Epos Custom Leather specializes in archery gear, barstools, re-enactment and fantasy armor, personal items, gun leather, guitar straps, fan art and much more.  Contact us if you’d like a custom item created!

The two artists combined their shops in 2015 to create Epos Custom Leather after Mike retired and moved to Greece.  Now, their collaborative efforts have taken each of them far beyond what they could accomplish on their own.

Our artists:

bio picNatalie is an archer who began leatherwork by crafting a quiver for herself.  Soon, she began receiving requests to build archery gear for other competitors.  She is an accomplished leather worker who has done extensive work with the Greek historical society, Koryvantes.  Natalie recreates items from the distant past with nothing more than historical accounts and pictures found on ancient items.  Natalie has also been published in the leading leather craft magazine in the world, and has the honor of being featured as the cover artist for the July/August 2016 issue.



Mike is a retired police Sergeant from the Chicago metropolitan area.  Mike began leatherwork to build holsters that would stand up to the abuse of every day carry.  From the first holster, Mike knew leatherwork was what he wanted to do. Soon after, Mike was featured in the leading leather craft publication in the world.  Mike has been a contributing author ever since.  In addition to creating leather art, Mike also shares the craft with others as an instructor at industry trade shows and in on-line formats.