Macedonian foot companions with linothorax

Macedonian foot companions with linothorax


The photos represent two Macedonian Foot Companions (pezhaiteroi) with linothorax from the 4th – 3rd Century BC made for Spyros Bakas of Association Koryvantes – Κορύβαντες.

These two hybrid linothoraxes are made out of leather and layers of linen. The linothorax with the red tones was also given a matching scabbard for a Kopis sword with the same vegina sun carving as the one on the linothorax’s epomides.

The purple linothorax has had all of its decorative elements embroidered with golden colored thread.

Filippos the horse was very graceful and patient with us during the entire photoshoot of the ”Macedonian foot companions with linothorax” project!

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