Scythian quiver

Scythian quiver

This Scythian quiver was created using a depiction on an ancient plate, as you can see in the gallery above. We made sure to only use natural materials (bee’s wax, linen thread, vegetable tanned leather) in order to make it as historically accurate as possible. The size of this quiver was really challenging (85 cm long) as it had to fit the entire length of the arrows. The opening flap was made out of calf skin, designed is a specific shape as to ensure it would stay closed if needed while moving, and keep the arrows dry in the event of rain. The entire front panel of the quiver is carved by hand to give the appearance of scales. Those scales were then textured, hand painted and antiqued. Around the tooled scales panel, we added a Greek waves border which we painted in a subtle blue hue.

The back side of the quiver has a carving of two Scythian lions, left in the natural leather color, while the rest of the quiver was painted black. The quiver strap is adjustable to ensure it can be used by people of different height and body type.

We make each Scythian quiver to exacting standards based on ancient designs, so you have the highest quality reproduction available. Whether you are looking to use the piece for reenactment, historical recreation or for LARP games, our designs will stand up to scrutiny, punishment, or both depending upon your needs. Each quiver is meticulously hand made with the finest historically accurate materials available today. We work closely with the Greek historical association Koryvantes, following their recommendations on period specific design, construction and artistic interpretation.

At Epos Leather, we use only the finest materials and techniques to create our pieces. Each item is unique and fully customizable to ensure a perfect fit for the wearer. Cosmetically, each quiver is designed using elements of artifacts located in historical dig sites, or found during archeological research here in Greece. These elements are interpreted and combined to create the beautiful and functional pieces you see here.

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